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Below is a little bit about the team and what we do.

Smallcaptrading.com is run by a team of stock investing enthusiasts who share news and information on stocks that have big gain potential.

Using our combined 20 years of trading experience, we have located the proverbial goldilocks zone of stock market investing.

Penny and micro cap stocks are usually too hot to handle, offering incredible upside with too much unpredictably and large cap stocks are too cold. Even the best large caps do not make enough meaningful returns fast enough for investors with smaller portfolios. Quality small cap stocks that trade on the Nasdaq, NYSE, TSX and OTC are juuuuust right and have consistently proven to offer the best bang for your buck without heavy downside. And the best part is...

There hasn't been a better time in history to start investing in small cap stocks.

With that being said, the most challenging piece of the small cap puzzle has always been the relative inaccessibility to accurate and current news on these kinds of companies.

For the past year Smallcaptrading.com and its partners has aimed to fill that large puzzle piece with our membership. We level the playing field by giving our members the tools and news necessary to trade with confidence. Our approach has led to the creation of an amazing newsletter that alerts our members on top stocks for the week, follows them up with updates and does it week in and week out.

Because we only focus on the stocks that offer the best ROI, we have been able to beat the market with stocks that consistently make 20%, 50%, even 100% gains over the course of just a couple of days or weeks.

And... we do it all for free.

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And For the skeptics among you please feel free to check out our website. We've got a few articles on getting started with small caps, tips and best practices. We've also attached our newletter archive to the site so you can see exactly what you are receiving BEFORE you subscribe.

We look forward to working with you in the future!

However, if you don't want the best small cap stock market news and alerts sent directly to your inbox for free, at the very least, have a chuckle my old school opt-in form ;)

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1) Small cap stocks? Don’t you mean penny stocks?

Not usually, Mr. skeptic. – Small cap stocks are usually not penny stocks. Small cap stocks are just stocks with a relatively small market cap (between $300mil and $1bil) where as penny stocks usually only trade on the OTC with a much lower share price. About half of the stocks that we focus on are traded on the big boy markets (Nasdaq and NYSE) and another large chunk of OTCs that we follow are actually traded on other reputable exchanges, like the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) but also have an OTC ticker so Americans can buy shares of their company as well.

2) What sectors should I focus on?

Oh boy, that varies month to month… Since the elections, we’ve been focusing on biotechs, which have gotten a massive boost from the surprise Trump victory. However, it wasn’t too long ago that we were seeing massive returns from Medical Marijuana stocks And before that, it was Gold and precious metals. This is why we suggest subscribing to our newsletter so you'll know which sector is hot.

3) Do I need a traditional stockbroker to trade these stocks?

Absolutely not! – Just sign up for an online account over at Optionshouse.com by clicking on this awesome deal here: Trade Free For 60 Days When you Open a New IRA Account with OptionsHouse! and trade them over there.

4) Do you trade the stocks that you send to us over email?

Absolutely not! – That would be insider trading and if anyone were despicable enough to do that, then the SEC would rightfully investigate him or her faster than you could say Bugatti Chiron. Our newsletter is simply a free stock market news and information service.

5) I didn’t read any of this — can you sum up what you said?

Sure: make great trades and you can’t lose.